Dr. S. M. Rub, (S.I)

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Valuable Opinions

Pointing towards the impressive assembly of the faculty, said 

“This is a faculty! The faculty of FJDC here; it’s hard work and dedication speaks for itself. They remind me of the legendary Guru Dorna mentioned in Mahabaharta, his trained archer named Ekalavya who could be recognized by his skills, which were of the highest level, He could split an arrow with another in mid-air.

Yet when time came for Gurudakshna (tradition of repaying one’s teacher) the Guru ordered Ekalavya to cut off his right thumb. He complied.

I am not saying this should happen today, but this College deserves to be acknowledged and respected as much.”

Dr. S. M. Rub, (S.I)
Prof. Emeritus, University of Karachi,
Former President, CPSP, Renowned Physician.
Chief Guest 13th Convocation, 9th December 2009