Services For Students

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Day-to-day life is often challenging and confusing—or just a hassle. FJDC provides support services to help you cope with difficult times or find good advice.

We also offer conveniences so that you’ll spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on studying and enjoying your university experience. Academic Guidance and Tutoring All undergraduate students at FJDC are in constant contact with our friendly faculty in every department who helps them stay on course as they make educational and career decisions.

All under the fulltime supervision of the Head of the Department. (HOD) The Fatima Jinnah Foundation College (FJFC) holds pre-dental classes provide orientation and prepare the new students with the necessary skills to excel in dental education. It also provides tutoring, workshops and assistance to weak students. Special courses for English Language, Communication Skill and I.T. are conducted regularly. Career Development The Career and Leadership Development is given prime importance, the College provides an array of career-related services, including career counseling and workshops.

Full assistance is provided for post-graduation within Pakistan and abroad. The graduates are guided and even provided clinical support, when they decide to open the own practices.Campus Administration The Campus Administration insure the even the smallest detail are looked in to.

Any complaint form the students or parents are immediately look it to and resolved without delay. All the Directors are approachable by students. And a friendly environment in always encouraged. Health and Hygiene The Campuses are designed to provide pre student space according to the international standards, the facility is free of pollution and kept neat and clean. The every room is well planed, and receives ample sunlight and air. 

Medical Care General medical and emergency care is provided to the students. Most dental treatments are provided to the students and their family at minimally costs. Many services are offered free of charge. Technology Students have access to the latest technology, including multi-media projectors high-speed Internet service, e-mail and public computer stations.Safety FJDC’s Campus is patrolled by the Private Security Guards.

They ensure the safety of the students and visitors. The building have emergency and fire exits, several fire extinguishers are strategically placed around the campus. Financial Services The Financial Aid Office helps students complete paperwork and fields questions about loans, grants. The Student Financial Services Office handles billing-related questions for enrolled students.