Message from the CEO



Dr. S. Baqar Askary

Keep the Flag Flying for the Onward March


To reach the stage of welcoming the XXII Batch of students, the College and those at the helm of its affairs, went through an unprecedented era of turbulence, sailed over rough and stormy seas and troubled waters before coming through to be established as, undoubtedly, a dental college of high standards in Pakistan.

This has been possible by the principled stand on all issues that mattered, directly or indirectly, to the survival and onward march of the College, to where it stands today. Success and success in all fields and spheres, has been the hallmark. The efforts to keep the College and its ideas afloat, despite insurmountable odds and unpredictable circumstances, made it to fly higher and higher, to unfettered heights.

The College has, in the shortest possible time, established itself in the field of academics, clinical skills, administration, discipline, honesty and self-reliance. This has been acknowledged by none other than the University of Karachi, the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and the College of Physicians & Surgeons, Pakistan, and that too in writing, by these three statutory and medical and dental education regulatory bodies. These heights have yet to be assailed by other institutions of longer standing. We have the will to go on and scale new heights. Stagnation leads to decadence and finally to decay. We surely do not want that to happen.

With the entrance of a new set of students and with their resolve, the onward march has to continue. The light at the end of the tunnel, beacons. All has been geared up and tuned for the maintenance of what has been achieved and for acceleration to new heights for the march onward, keep the flag flying.

Dr. S. Baqar Askary
Chief Executive & Head of the Institution,
Fatima Jinnah Dental College & Hospital Trust.