Fatima Jinnah Dental College was the First Private Dental College to be
permanently recognized by the PMDC. Late Syed Hashim Raza, Chairman
and Dr. S. Baqar Askary CEO, FJDC & Hospital Trust, exhibit the PMDC
shieldon 27th February 2001.






The establishment of a private professional educational institution, particularly that of an undergraduate dental college is a gigantic task. The sponsors have to acquire suitable premises, furnish them adequately, develop laboratory and library facilities, appoint qualified faculty members and build its own dental and general hospitals, to get Recognition of its BDS Qualification from the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council as well as Affiliation to the University.

Besides, a sizeable number of qualified students are also to be attracted to compete for admission in the College. Assemblage of such financial, physical and human resources is a great challenge. Particularly collection of highly qualified and experienced faculty, of which there is acute shortage in Pakistan and its retention by providing them attractive pay package and career structure, pose formidable problems. Besides, procurement of hospital equipment, dental chairs and professional books and journals is a very expensive proposition.

Only sponsors of un-impeachable character who have sound credentials and antecedents and who have earned a vast reservoir of credibility because of their outstanding contribution in different walks of life, particularly in education and medicine, with continuous hard work and dedication, can hope to acquire success in fulfilling the above mentioned requirements.

Such ventures require sound and meticulous financial and administrative planning to create required facilities and to continuously improve, upgrade and update them. It is imperative for the college to develop vital linkage with the medical, dental and educational establishments and society at large, on whom the college depends for persistent support and resources, vital for its continued existence, growth and development.

In conclusion, it would suffice to say that the establishment of a dental college in a developing country, is an arduous and complex process, requiring highest degree of contribution and enthusiastic co-operation on the part of all those who happen to be associated with it, in the capacity of sponsors, administrators, teachers, students, parents and other relevant segments of society. And when requisite level of support is forthcoming from such diverse elements the efforts to establish a dental college is destined to be crowned with success.