Welcome to FJDC


FJDC believes in building skills for success. By offering a high-quality educational experience combined with a welcoming atmosphere, FJDC is positioned to assist you with meeting your educational and professional needs.

Our Pre clinical campus located in Korangi Creek, it is just a short 15 minute drive from D.H.A. or P.E.C.H.S. A “State of the Art” purpose built huge campus is the ideal for students to study, play, and learn while working towards their degree.

Our admission officers are always available to help you learn more about our faculty, academic programs, and facilities.

Schedule a visit with our admissions office to view our campus. See for yourself why students have chosen FJDC as their choice of institute.

Whether you’re just starting on your dental education or considering transferring from another educational institution, we encourage you to look at FJDC. It is the forerunner in education for training students to become leaders in today’s competitive field of health care.